ISD adopts restraint policy

Members of the St. Joseph County Intermediate School District have adopted a state policy regarding student seclusion and restraint.
During Monday’s monthly board meeting, the five-member panel learned more about the policy from ISD Superintendent Teresa Belote.
Belote said it is required that local school boards adopt the policy, which prohibits seclusion and a variety of restraints except in emergency situations as defined by the Michigan Department of Education.
She said there is a guidance document that helps to ensure the ISD and its staff are following compliance with the law. The document is in the form of a video.
She said any time seclusion or restraint is used, it must be for a short time, it has to be documented in writing and orally – including the reason – to the school board, its superintendent and parents of the person secluded or restrained.
Belote said incidents of seclusion or restraint also are required to be documented to the state and the data would be made available publicly every quarter.
Belote noted the ISD’s Pathfinder Center hosts students with the highest potential of needing seclusion or restraint.

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