Eviction proceedings begin for Sturgis tenant

The executive director of Maple Towers Apartments said eviction proceedings are underway against a tenant identified as the source of a cockroach infestation at the Sturgis facility.

Jamie Blasius said the eviction is the last resort and comes after every option to work with the fifth-floor tenant was exercised.

During Tuesday’s Sturgis Housing Commission meeting at Maple Towers, Blasius said calling the cockroach problem an infestation is not an exaggeration.

Blasius said a 10-day notice was issued to the tenant to correct the situation, but nothing was done by the resident to correct the matter.

Blasius said the eviction date will be set once a date in District Court before Judge Jeff Middleton is established. Blasius is following through on the matter even though the tenant plans to move out by the end of October, he said.

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