State reminds hunters of new rules: Only some deer parts can be brought into Michigan

If you’re a hunter who shoots deer or related animals in other states, be advised that there are new rules about bringing their parts into Michigan.

The tougher regulations are intended to prevent the spread of chronic wasting disease among Michigan’s deer, elk, and moose.

The illness attacks the central nervous system of animals in the deer family and can eventually kill them.

Nine free-ranging deer in Michigan have tested positive since April 2015.

Under the new rules, hunters who kill a deer in any other state or Canadian province can bring only certain parts into Michigan. Here’s the list:

Deboned meat
Quarters (legs that do not have any part of the spinal column or head attached)
Finished taxidermy products
Cleaned teeth
Antlers attached to a skullcap cleaned of brain and muscle tissue
The Department of Natural Resources says violators can be fined and have the animal confiscated.  (AP)

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