Out and About – Week of October 2nd

We are in the middle of another “Highway Cleanup” project. This community event involves various voluntary groups who pick up litter along mile-long stretches of major highways. The cleanup lasts for several weeks. This should be the last one of the year. The volunteers can be found walking the shoulders of the highways wearing bright colored vests. As you approach these groups, give them plenty of room and a friendly wave. If everyone were a little more responsible for their actions, we wouldn’t need to have these volunteers doing this thankless job.

Officer Friendly asked me to remind all drivers that it is illegal to have anything hanging from your rear-view mirror. These hanging items block your vision when driving. Along the same line, if you have a “Handicap” placard, this must be removed while the vehicle is in motion. It should only be hanging from your mirror when parked in a Handicap parking space.

It’s time to give your hedges and other bushes a final trimming for the year. You might also be using a leaf blower to herd those leaves to the curb for pick up. These two tasks could possibly involve the use of an extension cord. I try my best to be careful when using extension cords. I’ve cut a couple with a hedge trimmer and I’ve tripped over a cord trying to get it untangled. All the time trying to make sure no one saw me being so careless.

No matter how carefully I wrap up an extension cord when putting it away, it’s always a mess when I try to unwrap it and put it to use. When unwrapping, I’ve learned to pull outward on the edges to loosen and enlarge the convoluted mass. If I’m lucky, some twists will untangle by themselves. All I need to do then is pass a free end through the remaining knots.

To prevent cutting the electric cord when trimming a hedge, all you need to do is put a length of garden hose wrapped snugly with electrical tape over the segment nearest to the blades of the trimmer. It seems that the teeth of the blades don’t separate far enough to damage the garden hose.

The new television season started last week. There’s nothing I’m really looking forward to watching. I’m hoping that there will be more comedies on this season. Of course, TV Land is still available, so I’m sure I’ll be able to watch an episode of “Andy Griffith” or “M*A*S*H” from time to time. It’s too bad there isn’t a news broadcast that specializes in only positive news stories. I’d rather see features on good things people accomplish than what convenient store was robbed or what property was vandalized. I guess I expect too much.

If you have children or grandchildren in need of spending money or money to strengthen their college fund, you might suggest having them check with neighbors to see if they need their leaves raked. The task is not that difficult and it would get them outside with the fresh air. If they do a decent job, that neighbor might consider having them shovel their snow this winter. Checking with that elderly neighbor might be a good start.

I’m just a little curious about something. Several school districts canceled classes because of the high temperatures. Back in the day, we didn’t have air conditioning, so when it got hot, the teacher would open a window and turn on a fan, if there was one available. Now I realize that we experienced higher than normal temperatures for September, but why can’t we just deal with it? I don’t know of any business that closes its doors because of the heat. Construction workers don’t stop working because it’s too hot. They just adjust their work schedules. How about having classes from 4 AM till noon, or from 4 PM until midnight. I’m sure there are valid reasons for canceling classes, but I haven’t heard that many. It’s too hot for school, but not too hot for the beach.

Social change is better achieved by being for something than against something.

“Stewardesses” is the longest word typed with the only the left hand and “lollipop” with your right.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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