Road grant may be left unused

Florence Township Supervisor Gordon Evilsizor told county commissioners a state grant that would help pay for the reconstruction of a one-mile portion of Constantine Road may end up left on the table.

He said road commission manager Chris Minger indicated the state is offering an 80-20 match, with the state willing to cover the larger percentage of the cost. Evilsizor said Minger told him the 20 percent match could be a cost shared evenly by the road commission and Florence Township.

Minger had said the road agency would pay half of the 20 percent if the township covers the balance. The 20 percent is nearly $54,000, so the township’s match would be almost $27,000. Evilsizor said the dilemma centers on the township’s cash shortage and the fact its new fiscal year won’t begin until March.

Evilsizor said the state grant has a value of $265,000. It would cover a one-mile stretch of Constantine Road, from Roys Road north to Fairchild Road.

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