Out and About – Week of November 27th

Whether we admit it or not, we all have a certain phrase that sets us apart from others. Those few words we say without being aware of it. Some teenagers use the word “Like” more than they might admit. “Like, that really happened”, or “Like, I saw her talking to him and like I didn’t think she was that bold.” These are just two examples.

As I go Out and About, I notice certain phrases that I eventually associate with folks I talk with. Here are three of my favorites:

“No, no, no, but wait”
“And that”
I’m just as guilty as the next person. I’ve been told that I often utter, “Let me ask you this.” If you recognize any of the above words or phrases as something you say often, please don’t stop, because this is what makes you unique. I had a pastor who, when offering the Sunday prayer, would always say, “Moment by moment, day by day.” At that moment, I knew that he only had about thirty seconds left in the prayer.

Now for your weekly Energy Myth Buster. Showering uses less energy than taking a bath. TRUE. Taking a 10-minute shower with a code-compliant low-flow (2.5 gallons per minute) shower head uses 25 gallons of water. A bath takes 30-50 gallons. There are high-quality shower heads that use 1.5 gallons per minute or less. If you doubt this, I invite you to Google “How to Take a Green Shower”.

On November 18, we traveled to Owosso, Michigan, where we boarded the Polar Express. This is the seasonal train that travels from Owosso to Ashley about twice a day on weekends during the Christmas season. If you have difficulty getting into the Christmas spirit, this adventure is definitely the cure.

Thanksgiving 2017 is now in the history books and we are well into the second month of enjoying the Christmas decorations that merchants have been so generous in sharing with us. It seems that everyone wants to beat the next person in displaying the holiday cheer. Eventually, the merchants will follow in the steps of Bronners’ in Frankenmuth and have Christmas decorations up 365 days a year.

To those who traveled to be with family over the past weekend, it’s great to have you back home in Wildcat country. I hope your travels were incident-free and that you enjoyed the time away. Mother Nature cooperated unless you ventured into the Upper Peninsula.

As you begin your holiday gift shopping, please don’t forget those less fortunate. Steve Harvey had a great idea a week ago that I’d like to share, in case you missed his afternoon show. Steve suggested that as you shop locally, take some time and stop by the area where shoppers can put something on lay-away. Look for a family who could use some holiday cheer and assistance. Approach the lay-away clerk and offer to pay for the item that is being place on lay-away. You’ll be surprised how happy the lay-away shopper will be and how good you’ll feel for being a little generous.

Before you leave the store, pick up something extra for the “Toys for Tots” box, or for the “Firefighters for Santa” fundraiser being held by the Three Rivers Fire Department.

Progress always involves risk; you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.

There are more chickens than people in the world.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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