Sturgis receives grant for road reconstruction

The city of Sturgis has received a $375,000 state grant for reconstruction of North Lakeview Avenue from U.S. 12 to the railroad tracks.

In addition, Sturgis City Commission members recently heard about proposed options to widen the 25-foot road, expanding it to at least 27 feet.

At 27 feet, the road would meet minimum requirements to be considered a major street. The $ 1.2 million project would require relocation of 10 utility poles and removal of three or four trees.

It also could require placement of a new water main and possible relocation of a gas main.

At 34 feet, the road width would match the section north of the tracks and include bicycle lanes.

With either plan, planting of new trees would be recommended.

North Lakeview is the second-busiest stretch of road in the city and is wider on the outskirts of the city than within the city.

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