Colon considers office options

Colon municipal officials are considering a new village office.

The matter was discussed sporadically last year, but a malfunctioning furnace at the village office has exacerbated the need to find a new municipal office.

Village manager Michael Mitchell revisited the issue during last week’s council meeting. He said options explored so far include existing buildings, downtown storefronts and a new double-wide modular.

The idea of a new double-wide would allow the village office to remain in the vicinity of its current location, 110 North Blackstone Ave. Mitchell said a location further north from the current village office and in the municipal parking lot could be an option.

That plan, however, will require the expertise of a surveyor. Mitchell said steps will have to be taken to determine who owns how much of the parking lot between the village, township, a nearby church and other businesses.

The issue will likely be revisited at future meetings. Last week’s meeting was held at the Colon Township office,

Village council member Edith Doenges said she wouldn’t be surprised if the office furnace is original from when the building opened more than 50 years ago.

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