County commission honors Balog

A veteran member of the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners was recognized by his peers this week.

During Tuesday’s county commission meeting, board chairman Dennis Allen presented Allen Balog with a plaque and accolades recognizing Balog’s two-year stint as board chairman.

Allen said Balog, 61, was worthy of the recognition.

The plaque issued to Balog read: “Presented to Allen J. Balog in appreciation for his leadership as chairman of the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners, 2016-2017.”

Since joining the board a year ago, Allen said it has been a privilege to witness Balog’s leadership and guidance, and he said he is grateful to have Balog as vice-chair for 2018.

Later in the meeting, a humbled Balog said the acknowledgement was appreciated.

Balog, who represents Three Rivers, and Lockport and Flowerfield townships, is starting his eighth year as a board member, second in seniority behind John Dobberteen.

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