Marcellus awarded grant

State Rep. Aaron Miller has announced the village of Marcellus will receive a grant in excess of $400,000 from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to improve its storm-water and wastewater capabilities.

Miller said the DEQ provides money to local communities to assist in the planning, design and testing of storm-water and wastewater facilities. A local 10 percent match is required for the first $1 million in project costs.

Miller said maintaining water systems is vital to public health, and he is pleased Marcellus has qualified for a grant that will enable the village to achieve that goal.

The $427,500 grant will be used to develop a wastewater and storm water asset management plan to provide better cost effectiveness in managing its water system while maintaining a quality level of service.

Collectively the statewide grant awards total $64 million for 80 communities.

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