Sturgis warns residents of freezing water lines

With cold weather continuing this week and into the weekend, Sturgis Department of Public Services is asking residents to be conscious of freezing water lines.

Conditions are suitable for water lines to freeze, department officials said.

In order to help citizens prevent their water lines from freezing, the city of Sturgis recommends that residents allow a slow stream of water around the size of a pencil to run continuously from a single faucet. This will not guarantee that water lines won’t freeze, but it is the best possible measure.

Residents should also watch for symptoms of frozen or freezing water service lines. Symptoms include a slight decrease in water pressure, water becoming rusty or cloudy, and extremely cold water.

Risk factors for frozen water lines include homes with a history of the water service freezing, homes with smaller water service lines, and customers whose water service line travels under the street or driveway to the home or building.

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