Conservation District Board hears information on new development

One of the farmers behind a concentrated animal-feeding operation going up in Sherman Township fielded a number of questions and provided clarity related to the project during Wednesday’s St. Joseph County Conservation District Board meeting.

At the request of board member John Nelson, Ed Schlabach attended the meeting and elaborated on what will be a four-barn development between Shimmel and Burg roads. At full capacity, the finishing barns will house 5,000 pigs raised over a four- to five-month period on the site, which is in the middle of land that Schlabach owns and farms just south of Mintdale Road.

Nelson said Schlabach has cleared numerous obstacles to secure the permits required by the state to set up and oversee a CAFO operation as what Schlabach is planning to develop with his three brothers-in-law.

Work on Schlabach’s four-barn development is slated to start this spring. He expects to host the first lot of pigs by late summer.

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