Mendon adjusts school day to avoid make-up day

Mendon Community Schools board members are learning the potential consequences of this winter’s delays and cancellations.

During Monday’s monthly board meeting, interim superintendent Leasa Griffith said the district is uncomfortably close to having to add at least one make-up day in June.

In order to avoid the school year extending beyond June 7, Griffith said she has worked out an agreement with the teachers’ union. Starting next week, the district will add three minutes to the end of every full day through the conclusion of the academic year.

With the impending change in dismissal from 2:57 p.m. to 3 p.m. beginning Monday, Griffith said the district can take a half day Friday, still afford at least one more two-hour delay and not have to extend its school year. But, she noted, all bets are off if there is another full-day cancellation.

Griffith said the state mandates districts to complete 1,098 hours of school to meet its minimum requirement.  Mendon currently has a four-hour cushion with the additional three minutes daily.

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