Miller testifies on teaching certifications

State Rep. Aaron Miller last week testified on the need for teachers to focus on classroom instruction and quality, not trying to complete a requirement for professional certification.

Teachers are currently issued a standard or provisional teaching certificate, commonly given to recent college graduates, with a professional teaching certificate issued to instructors with more than three years classroom experience, over 150 hours of professional development and additional post-graduate coursework.

Miller said a professional teaching certificate does not guarantee someone is an exceptional teacher, especially with the required professional development and educational course standards set in Michigan right now, Miller said.

He added that good teachers are engaged and knowledgeable in front of the classroom, not sitting in another classroom taking on repeated tests, hours of study and an added cost for a piece of paper.

The legislation follows the recommendation of the state Department of Education. Leah Breen, director of the Department of Education’s office of Professional Preparation and Certification Services, joined Miller for testimony in support.

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