Proposal would provide additional road funding

State Rep. Aaron Miller last week joined his colleagues in the Michigan House to unanimously advance legislation that will benefit roadways in southwest Michigan as early as this summer.

The $175 million proposal provides money for road preservation and construction projects in addition to what was already budgeted.

Miller said the unanimous vote shows the legislature is in unequivocal agreement that roads in Michigan are crumbling, worn down and in desperate need of repair.

Statewide funding distribution will include Cass and St. Joseph Counties. Cass County is scheduled to receive an estimated $525,000. St. Joseph County, meanwhile, will get roughly $523,000.

Cities and villages within those counties will also receive funding, including: $8,000 for Burr Oak, $14,700 for Cassopolis, $11,000 for Centreville, $10,600 for Colon, $17,500 for Constantine, $8,500 for Marcellus, $8,600 for Mendon, $80,000 to Sturgis, $58,000 for Three Rivers and $12,000 for White Pigeon.

The money is available from a previous state government budget cycle and is already accessible, meaning no budget cuts or additional fees or taxes are required for the investment.

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