Online voter registration bill moves to state House

State Rep. Aaron Miller, chair of the House Elections and Ethics Committee, said a plan approved by the committee last week would modernize Michigan’s voter-registration system by giving qualified voters the option to register online.

Miller said requiring residents to fill out a paper form to register to vote is an antiquated process and is actually less secure than an online system for voter registration. He noted that 38 other states and the District of Columbia have established online registration systems.

Miller said the plan laid out in Senate Bills 425-29 allows people who are qualified to vote in Michigan to register to vote online if they already have a valid Michigan driver’s license or state identification card. People who register online would still be required to cast their vote in person and present identification at that time.

Miller noted the plan includes several measures to ensure system security and prevent unauthorized users from accessing the online system.

The legislation now moves to the full House for consideration.

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