County commission approves seeking state flood assistance

A resolution to seek up to $100,000 in state money for February’s floods was approved by county commissioners Tuesday.

Emergency Services and Homeland Security coordinator TJ Baker told commissioners the road commission experienced damaged roads and culverts as a result of the excessive rainfall, which hit Three Rivers and Colon particularly hard.

He said the road commission documented the culverts damaged over a five-day period starting Feb. 20, which prompted a state of emergency in St. Joseph County and a number of neighboring counties.

As a result, according to Baker, St. Joseph County Road Commission is eligible for $100,000 in reimbursement for culvert replacement.

Baker explained the matter had to be approved by commissioners as the governing agency that oversees and executes the county’s emergency operation plan. Once the reimbursement is made, the funds will then be transferred to the road commission, Baker noted.

According to the resolution, the county’s expenditures as a result of the storm totaled nearly $155,000.

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