White Pigeon Township – Millage request fails

A request for 2 mills over a 10-year period was rejected Tuesday by White Pigeon Township voters.

Unofficial totals show 257 votes against and 143 in favor. The township has 2,775 registered voters.

Township supervisor Don Gloy said the request would have eased the burden on the township’s general fund. Also, it would have afforded the township the opportunity to repair a number of roads, purchase new fire equipment and potentially help cover expenses at the township-owned cemetery.

Gloy said the majority of the negative feedback he received centered on the idea that the potential new money was unrestricted and not dedicated. The township board doesn’t meet again until June 5 and Gloy said he expects trustees to revisit Tuesday’s results.

He said at some point there will likely be a discussion about whether to separate the roads and the fire-service needs into their own requests, and to perhaps consider decreasing the length of the request.

Also on the table will be whether to potentially follow through with a revised request in August’s gubernatorial primary election or its general vote in November, Gloy said.

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