Out and About – Week of June 4th

As a Notary Public, I’ve become educated in planning for the future. One of the things I’ve become familiar with is the Power of Attorney. This document allows people to name someone to act on their behalf as far as monetary issues are concerned, should they become incapable of making decisions of that caliber. Unfortunately, there are some who wait too long to prepare the Power of Attorney, so when they do make it happen, they need help with understanding the document and it’s difficult for them to make their signature legible. Here are four other documents that you’ll want to make sure are prepared, just in case:

Will. It’s very important to keep this indispensable document up-to-date. Reviewing it annually is recommended.
Health-Care Proxy. Should you become incapacitated, it gives someone to act on your behalf.
Living Will. The Living Will lays out in detail your wishes regarding medical care and what others should do if you are terminally ill.
Funeral Arrangements. The older you get, the more important it is to try to plan for your own funeral. This relieves your family of the pressure of handling the details. Emotions run high during the grieving process and some of the time, money doesn’t seem to matter. Other times it could be very important. Your wishes may not be granted.
We all have an expiration date and no one knows when that time will come.

It’s no secret that I love dining out, especially breakfast. Growing up, dining out was a real treat and it didn’t happen very often, because “Fast Food” establishments weren’t around that much. Because of the cost, larger families find it more economical to eat at home. If you have an empty nest, it’s sometimes more economical to eat out than dine in. I’m not talking about making Red Lobster your dining room of choice, but there are some restaurants where you can find some great deals. This is especially true if you’re a senior citizen and have tickets with the Commission on Aging. There are plenty of seniors who will take part of their evening meal home with them and make it tomorrow’s lunch.

If dining out is a special event for you, you might want to consider at least one or two of these helpful hints:

Don’t leave home with an empty stomach. Have an apple or a couple of crackers an hour before you leave home. By doing this, there’s less of a chance you’ll overeat or run up a large tab.
Let one entree serve two. I know of several restaurants that serve heaping portions. If you don’t mind, share a mutual entree with your companion. You might have to pay for an extra plate. You might also consider skipping the main course and just order an appetizer, salad, and soup.
If you eat out frequently, make lunch, not dinner, your heartiest meal. Usually the lunch prices are less expensive and the portions are just about the same size.
Why do old men wear their pants higher than younger men?

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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