Update – Glen Oaks millage study

Members of the Glen Oaks Community College Board of Trustees recently received an update on results of a recent millage study.

Paul Hanley, of George K. Baum & Company, discussed conclusions of a mail survey, while Jim Hobart, of Public Opinion Strategies, provided results of a telephone survey.

Hanley said nearly 21,000 registered-voter households within the college district received a public opinion mail survey. The survey included 14 questions and background information about the school’s bond proposal.

A total of 774 surveys were submitted and processed for responses, representing a reply rate of approximately 3.7 percent.

Survey results found a slight majority of voters are in favor of the millage proposal and that the key swing groups are seniors, Republicans and Independents.

Based on responses, priorities are renovating outdated tech laboratories, improving accessibility and addressing aging infrastructure.

The most effective statement of support centers on high school students being able to take college classes, helping them save money when it comes to higher education.

Meanwhile, the top opposition message mentions that property taxes are already too high.

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