Out and About – Week of December 3rd

The regular college football season is pretty much finished except for the bowl games. The pro teams still have some games to play, which is fine with me.

I don’t know if anyone else is puzzled with the different jerseys some of the teams are wearing, but I can’t help but wonder where they come up with some of the colors. The Chicago Bears usually wear dark blue if they are playing at Soldier Field. I watched when they played the Minnesota Vikings, and the Bears were wearing bright orange jerseys. I thought for a minute that the Denver Broncos were playing. Every so often a team will wear a jersey that was worn fifty years ago, so that makes some sense to me. Football uniforms can’t be cheap, so wouldn’t it make more sense to pick a color and stay with it. Save the money and lower the admission to a game.

With the winter season upon us and the time change, our driving habits can’t help but change a bit also. If you drive in from the country, you are always on the lookout for Bambi. If I’m driving in the country during the dark hours, I use my high-beam headlights because I am constantly on the lookout for a deer wishing to commit suicide. I also try to watch for approaching vehicles so that I can switch to my lower beams. This keeps me very busy because I want to see Bambi crossing the road yet I don’t want to blind an oncoming driver. Like other drivers, I am not very fast in hitting the lever to lower the range of my headlights. For that I apologize. Halogen headlights really get one’s attention. Back in the mid-fifties, Oldsmobile came out with a device that would automatically lower your beams for you. It worked quite well, so they discontinued making the device available. Sometimes marketing confuses me. Department stores arrange their products in an orderly fashion. As soon as the consumers get used to the location, they rearrange everything

Do not worry about whether or not the sun will rise; just be prepared to enjoy it.

This Friday, December 7, is Pearl Harbor Day. It’s not a day of celebration but rather a day of remembrance for those lives lost at Pearl Harbor. This action caused us to get involved in World War II in the Pacific. Every December 7, VFW Post 3019 remembers Ben Shively, a graduate of Three Rivers High School who is still entombed in the USS Arizona. VFW Post 3019 is named in his honor and is known as the Ben Shively VFW Post 3019. There will be a brief ceremony at Shively’s grave marker at Riverside Cemetery here in Three Rivers. The Honor Guard will pay tribute to Ben Shively at 1 PM on the seventh. The public is invited.

For my friends of the Jewish faith, I wish you a Happy Hanukkah. Hanukkah started at sundown this past Sunday evening.

Three weeks from today is Christmas and four weeks from today will be the first day of 2019. This month will be filled with shopping, family gatherings and celebrating your faith. Enjoy every moment for precious memories come around but once.

People who give thanks for little will always find that they have enough.

Every year I feel the need to remind everyone about mailing those Christmas gifts early. I don’t know anyone who isn’t guilty of even a little procrastinating. I’m not sure how many folks send gifts via the Postal Service to loved ones out of state and even out of country. Procrastinators usually wait until December 20th to lug their packages to the post office for mailing. They wait in line, only to be told that the package is not secured properly, so they try to correct the problem while others wait patiently to be served. There are even some people who complain about the high cost of sending that package half-way around the world. Please do everyone a favor and make your trip to the post office early. Have patience for the postal clerk waiting on you, and try not to complain when you are told that the package might not arrive until after the first of the year. The trash can outside the post office is for trash, so please do not deposit your common sense in it.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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