Be conscious of freezing water lines

With the coldest weather of the season on tap over the next two to three days, Sturgis Department of Public Services is asking residents to be conscious of freezing water lines.

Considering the below-zero temperature predictions, conditions are suitable for water lines to freeze, DPS officials said.

To help prevent lines from freezing, city officials are recommending residents allow a slow stream of water about the size of a pencil to run continuously from a single faucet.

This will not guarantee that water lines won’t freeze, but it is the best possible measure.

Signs of potentially freezing water lines include a slight decrease in pressure; water becoming unusually rusty or cloudy; and extremely cold water.

Homes with smaller water service lines of 5/8ths of an inch in meters are at an especially high risk for freezing pipes.

Municipal officials ask residents to watch for symptoms of freezing pipes or pipes prone to freezing, and run water as necessary.

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