Motion to accept road commission chair offer dies

County commissioner Allen Balog gave one, final attempt to revisit a matter related to the St. Joseph County Road Commission Board.

At the conclusion of Tuesday’s county commission meeting, Balog made a motion to accept road commission chairman Dave Allen’s offer to step down and yield his seat to Rick Anderson.

The issue dates to the county commission’s Jan. 2 meeting, when the board voted 4-1 to select Vince Mifsud to the six-year term rather than reappoint Anderson, who had been on the board 12 years.

Though it wasn’t mentioned during the meeting, Allen indicated in a November email to commissioners that he would relinquish his seat if Anderson was not reappointed. Furthermore, road commission manager John Lindsey and the five-member road commission board expressed to county commissioners their endorsement of Anderson.

Balog’s motion died for lack of a second and he conceded afterward the lack of acknowledgment was not a surprise.

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