New member named to road commission

County commissioners on Wednesday named Centreville-area resident Vince Mifsud to the St. Joseph County Road Commission Board.

The move means 12-year member Rick Anderson is now off the board that oversees the Centreville-based agency.

Commissioner Allen Balog objected to the motion and voted against replacing Anderson with Mifsud. He said Anderson provides experience and knowledge that is critical to the position.

Commissioner Dan Czajkowski said Mifsud and Anderson were interviewed for the six-year term and both interviewed well. He said Anderson has been dedicated to the position and attended a number of out-of-county conferences on many occasions. However, Czajkowski said, he felt it was merely time for a change.

Prior to the discussion about the road commission board’s opening, Florence Township resident Tim Carls suggested the county commission dissolve the road commission board all together. Carls for years has voiced his disdain for the road commission board and Wednesday was no exception.

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