Out and About – Week of February 25th

Like a good neighbor, my insurance company has given me a few suggestions about what not to store in my basement. I don’t have a basement, but for those who do, I’m passing these ideas on to you, and I don’t even sell insurance. Jot these down, then pass them on to your neighbors:

If your basement is unfinished and you might have some electronic gadgets, such as an old gaming system, for example, you might want to seriously evaluate how climate-controlled your basement is right now. If the area is moisture-free and warm, it is okay for these gadgets. If you haven’t finished any of the space, bulky and pricey electric items, such as power drills or kitchen stand mixers are better off on ground level or above. If your basement is finished, you’ll want to make sure that your electronics are in a moisture-free space, off the ground.
If you have an interest in artwork and have made some purchases without giving too much thought to the money invested, it would not be a good idea to store them in an unfinished basement. Humidity and lack of proper ventilation can damage delicate paintings, photographs, and other items.
It’s never a good idea to store flammables in an area where there is a fire risk. Some of these items might include cans of gasoline, paint, and propane tanks.
When it comes to books and documents, you’ll want to remember that poor ventilation and humidity can ruin anything with a paper component. Books should be stored above ground in sturdy, leak-proof containers. Birth certificates, Social Security cards, and other hard-to-replace documents are better off in a locked fire box or a safety deposit box at your bank.
That’s enough for this week. Next week I’ll share some ideas on how to properly store things in your basement.

I’d like to share a verse that was given to me by a friend I grew up with and served with in Vietnam.

“We Were the Best America Had”

Brothers who fought without America’s support.

Brothers who returned without America’s welcome.

Brothers who will always be the best America had.

Last Friday was George Washington’s birthday. His birthday was actually celebrated on February 18 and was called “Presidents’ Day”. George and Abe Lincoln share Presidents’ Day. I remember the day well. I took the day off and looked around for a cherry tree to chop down, in honor of George, but my neighbor came out and threatened to call the police if I made one swing with my ax. Some people just aren’t very patriotic. By the way, if you ever find yourself in the Pacific Northwest, check out the state of Washington. There is a city named George. I wouldn’t lie to you.

I’d like to thank two people for providing me with “stuff” for this column. Bruce Snook loved puns, and Bruce Schug is familiar with the Indian Hills Community Center. Thank you, Bruce, for the opportunity to enjoy a groan or two.

“I ate a frozen apple – hard core.”
“Here’s wishing you a happy whatever doesn’t offend you.”
“Irony is the opposite of wrinkly.”
“The problem with political jokes is that they sometimes get elected.”
“I’m pining for a good tree pun. I wish they were more poplar.”
See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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