Out and About – Week of March 4th

Last week I shared suggestions concerning what not to store in your basement. I’d like to now suggest how to store certain things in that area below ground-level. So please read on and share these suggestions:

If your basement gets damp, it would be smart to invest in a few mold-proof containers to store anything that might attract moisture. These items might include books and clothing.
If your basement is unfinished, I’d suggest investing in a few shelving units. That way the items you store could be kept off the floor.
Place seasonal clothing in sealed containers off the floor. Plastic bins are ideal for this.
When it comes to foldable furniture, try to stack them neatly against the wall and make them accessible in case they are needed for a special occasion. Fabric or foam pieces, such as cushions, should be cleaned and kept off the basement floor.
The basement is a great place to store yard accessories, including gardening supplies. If you have heavy outdoor furniture, most of that can remain outside under all-weather covers.
A final tip, and good idea would be to keep a “Donation Bin” in the basement. That way should you come across old toys, clothing, and perhaps blankets that are of no use to you anymore, they can be taken to a donation drop-off point. It’s a win-win solution.
Sometime ago, the Three Rivers Fire Department placed their name above the bays at the fire station. A few people have asked me why the number “2” is displayed as part of the sign. They were under the impression that this particular station was station number “1”. I informed them of the following:

Station One is in Centreville.
Station Two is Three Rivers.
Station Three is Fabius-Park which is located on Broadway, about a mile west of US-131.
As I’ve aged, I feel I’ve gotten a little wiser. I’ve learned quite a bit over the years, and have come to realize many things. I’ve discussed these realizations with others my age. Here are just a few things I’ve come to realize:

I feel that my “People Skills” are just fine. However, my tolerance for idiots needs some work.
I’ve noticed that some of my classmates seem so much older than me.
As a child, nap time seemed like a punishment. I’ve now come to realize that a nice nap is similar to a mini vacation.
I thought for sure that growing older would take more time.
I’m a very slow learner. As a result, I still haven’t learned to act my age.
There are people who just love to complain. They are never happy with any situation. If they committed a crime, were convicted, and sentenced to death by hanging, they would complain about the noose being too tight, once it was placed around their neck. The same folks would move next to a busy airport, then complain about the noise, or they might move next to a hog farm and complain about the smell. These same folks would probably complain about a golf course being built next to them. When asked about their complaint, they would probably say, “I bought my house for $100,000. and now it’s worth $200,000. You can’t fool Mother Nature and I’ll never understand Human Nature.

Alligators can grow up to twenty feet, but most grow four.

See You Out and About!

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