Redistricting town hall planned

The group “Voters Not Politicians” is hosting a series of Democracy Reform Town Halls to educate citizens about Michigan’s new redistricting process and how they can participate.

The group will also discuss other critical democracy reform issues to strengthen the democratic process through citizen action in Michigan.

In 2018, Michigan voters and Voters Not Politicians made history by passing a redistricting reform amendment with 61% of the vote to end partisan gerrymandering. The constitutional amendment outlines how commissioners are to be determined, legal requirements for implementation, and a public input requirement including at least 10 public hearings before the maps are drawn and five public hearings after they are finalized.

The closest town hall meeting to St. Joseph County will take place at 2 p.m. March 23 at First Congregational Church in Kalamazoo.

Its address is 345 W. Michigan Ave.

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