Sentencing scheduled for Sturgis man

A Sturgis man was found guilty Wednesday by a Cass County jury of assault with intent to do bodily harm and felonious assault.

Michael Johnson, 42, will be sentenced April 5 by Cass County Circuit Court Judge Mark Herman.

Johnson was found not guilty on a third count of assault with intent to murder.

During the trial, Cass County chief assistant prosecuting attorney Tiffiny Vohwinkle told the jury jealousy motivated Johnson into bludgeoning the 51-year-old victim.

Evidence showed that Johnson went to the victim’s home and stabbed the victim three times in the back. The final time, leaving the knife lodged in the base of the victim’s spine.

Johnson has two previous felony convictions, one for second-degree criminal sexual conduct and another for failing to register as a sex offender. He faces a possible 20-year prison sentence.

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