Landfill employee wins award

A Cass County resident and Westside Landfill employee has been recognized by Waste Management as “Heavy-Equipment Operator of the Year.”

Harold Douglas Norton of Jones won the title for the 45,000-employee company.

Norton began working for Meyer Brothers Construction the day after he graduated from high school. When the Meyers bought the landfill, he began working there, and stayed on board after its sale in 1990.

He started operating heavy equipment in 1975 and has since used bulldozers, compactors, excavators, loaders, off-road trucks, road graders and scrapers.

Norton has a perfect safety record – in 34 years as a Waste Management employee he has never had an accident, never had an injury and has never been disciplined. He has never once missed work unannounced, come in late or left early, according to district manager Eric Shafer.

Norton will soon head to Las Vegas to partake in the National Waste and Recycling Association awards.

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