Girls dies in swimming pool

A 1-year-old girl died in a family swimming pool last week in Lockport Township.

State police troopers and emergency personnel responded at 6 p.m. Thursday in the 57000 block of Tim Avenue in response to Central Dispatch reporting a child had snuck into the pool with a 2-year-old sibling.

According to authorities, one of the parents was home at the time along with an 11-year-old sibling when the two younger children snuck out of the house. The children were discovered missing and in the family’s pool a few minutes later.

The parent who was home at the time has medical training and immediately started CPR on the 1-year-old until EMS personnel arrived.

The victim was eventually taken to Three Rivers Health for treatment but was unable to be resuscitated.

Investigators noted that there were safety measures in place around the pool but they were still circumvented by the children.

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