Out and About – Week of August 5th

Here we are already five days into the month of August. To me, this will be a summer to remember. April and early May are normally the months when we receive our share of rain, yet I can’t remember a day in June when I didn’t need an umbrella. Building an ark did not seem like a bad idea. July started out extremely hot, but toward the end we had some great days filled with sun and bearable temperatures with low humidity. August should be a real adventure and unpredictable.

A lot of emphasis has been placed on veterans lately, and rightly so. Tomorrow, August 7, marks the anniversary of the beginning of the Vietnam war. Vietnam conflicts had been going on for many years, but in 1964, the United States officially became involved. 58,000 lives later, we finally gave up the fight and moved our interests elsewhere.

Here is a different opportunity to take advantage of folks. How about a nice dinner on the Pealer Street bridge? On Saturday, August 10, from 7 until 9:30 PM, everyone is invited to join their neighbors and friends on the bridge and discover the treasures of St. Joe County. It will be an evening of dueling pianos, dinner, and a special lantern launch from the bridge. Tickets are $50. To purchase tickets and receive more information, visit www.trchamber.com.

If you have items you’d like to donate, or if you’re in need of household items, you’ll definitely want to check out the Stone Cottage Free Store located at the corner of Bennett and West Street, directly west of the First Presbyterian Church in Three Rivers. The Free Store is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 AM until 1 PM. They have available household items except for food and furniture. The last time I checked, they are in need of men’s clothing, including shorts, long pants, regular (non-polo) T-shirts, bed linen of all sizes and towels. If you’re in need of items like these, please stop in during normal business hours and speak to one of the volunteers. They’ll be happy to take items off your hands, or make sure you receive things you need. Who says there is nothing FREE anymore?

Speaking of helping those in need, the local food site on Railroad Drive in Three Rivers, is in need of toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, baby food, and all kinds of soap. The next time you go shopping for groceries, keep the food site in mind. Your generosity and thoughtfulness will be greatly appreciated.

Here’s another opportunity for all blood donors to experience that warm and fuzzy feeling. This Friday, August 9, the American Red Cross will host a blood drive at the United Methodist Church in Mendon. The church is located at 320 West Main Street. The hours for the drive are from noon until 5:45 PM.

I don’t know many guys who aren’t interested in classic cars. I’m sure there are many ladies who also enjoy checking out cars and trucks when they were made of steel and not plastic. The Hice-Shutes American Legion Post #170 will host a car show this Saturday, August 10, from 8AM until 3PM. Registration begins promptly at 8AM. The Legion is located at 59990 South Main Street in Three Rivers at the intersection of M-86 and South Main Street. Many prizes will be available for winning.

Just because you are offended, doesn’t mean you are right.

A few thoughts from Randy Pausch:

“If you can find an opening, you can probably find a way to float through it.”
“Self-esteem is not something you can give; it’s something people have to build.”
“If I work hard enough, there will be things I can do tomorrow that I can’t do today.”
See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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