St. Joseph County Commission on Aging Coronavirus (COVID 19) response

Effective March 16th, 2020, COA offices will be closed, including Enrichment Centers in Sturgis and Three Rivers. All activities and programs will be canceled at both centers. Services to clients in their home will be limited to once per week meals on wheels delivery and limited support to seniors who require personal care. Seniors who use these services will receive communication about the limited continuation of these services.

While presumptive cases of COVID-19 are still relatively small in Michigan, our senior citizens are a population that are at higher risk for more severe outcomes from contracting it. Therefore, COA feels it prudent to take this action to protect seniors. We understand how suspending COA services and support can be difficult to those we serve and we appreciate your understanding as we work together in an effort to keep everyone healthy.

The suspension of service and closing of the Enrichment Centers will remain in place until further notice. Please monitor media sources for the most up to date information on the status of COA services, we’ll also update our Facebook page and you can contact COA at 269-279-8083.

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