Out and About – Week of April 13th

Wednesday, April 15th, is not “Tax Day”. We have until July 15th to file our returns. This gives us plenty of extra time to get our affairs in order. This is not the time to procrastinate.

A cowboy friend of mine reminded me of a column I had written several weeks ago. It dealt with making some sort of extra donation to civic groups that do a lot to support our community. Some groups depend on patrons/members to come in to socialize. These social spots are now closed due to the virus. As a result, they have no way to pay utilities and could eventually close for good. Cowboy Mike suggested that I share some addresses and phone numbers, so that those interested in donating, might have a way to do so. Here ya go, Pardner:

American Legion: 59990 South Main Street, Three Rivers, MI 49093 – 269-273-5205.
Eagles: 715 East Hoffman, Three Rivers, MI 49093 – 269-273-2925.
Elks Lodge #1248: 603 West Michigan Avenue, Three Rivers, MI 49093 – 269-279-9171.
Moose: 110 Day Drive, Three Rivers, MI 49093 – 269-279-5840.
Relationships are like a truck. When you get a flat tire, you don’t go out and buy a new truck. You fix the flat tire.

A desert locust is billed as the most destructive insect, able to eat its own weight in food every day. A swarm of fifty million locusts is considered a small one, yet this very swarm could devour an amount of food in one day that could feed five hundred people for one year.

Getting Out and About is not advised for a while. Therefore, this column will lack information such as where to go for a local blood drive or a FREE spaghetti dinner. However, I do have plenty of interesting information and some information that might be considered “useless”. I’m planning to share this stuff with you, with hopes that it might bring a smile, or even a chuckle or two. God knows we need as much positivity and laughter in our lives right now.

We all want to be a good person. Some do this better than others. Here are some suggestions on how you might be a better person:

Make new friends, but cherish the old ones.
Keep secrets.
Don’t postpone joy.
Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen everyday.
Neurologists claim that every time you resist acting on your anger, you’re actually rewiring your brain to be calmer and more loving.

During this time of “Staying Home”, like many, I now appreciate being able to go anywhere and be with anyone I want at any time. I have two sisters and a brother that I can’t just go and see whenever I want. The only way to connect with them is by telephone. I’m ashamed to say that I don’t do that as often as I should. Years ago, it was best to call a relative living out of state after 6 PM. The long distance rates were cheaper at that time. I now wear my phone in a case attached to my belt and can call just about anyone anywhere in the world. I think I’ll put a wrap on this column for this week and give my siblings a call. Just another one of those things that would make Mom proud of her little boy.

See you Out and About! Stay home and stay safe.

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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