County pursues several grants

St. Joseph County grant writer James Hissong said he is pursuing a few grants that will benefit the county.

During their executive committee meeting Wednesday, commissioners were provided an update from Hissong.

He said the First Responder Hazard Pay grant program, which makes available $1,000 in hazard pay payments to first responders, equates to about $73,000 for the county.

The next grant Hissong mentioned is the Public Health and Public Safety Payroll Reimbursement Program stems from CARES Act money. It will reimburse eligible public-safety payroll expenditures for April and May.

Hissong said it’s a reimbursement in excess of $400,000 to St. Joseph County.

One additional grant Hissong referenced is the Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding grant, administered through Michigan State Police.

He said the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Department has received an allocation of $68,000 and can be used to help with reopening and mitigating the spread of coronavirus, Hissong said. In addition, the county’s courts have an allocation of $125,000 and the prosecutor’s office will have a $27,000 allocation.

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