Funding bill heads to governor’s desk

State Rep. Aaron Miller last week voted in favor of funding to help Michigan distribute the COVID-19 vaccine and boost testing, while helping those whose livelihoods have been disrupted by the virus and economic shutdowns.

Highlights of the $465 million measure include:

Unemployment benefits and additional help. The measure includes $220 million to temporarily extend unemployment benefits for those who have been forced out of work by the governor’s most-recent shutdown orders.

Restaurant and small-business relief. The measure adds to grant programs for small businesses whose operations have been shut down or restricted by the governor’s latest orders. Miller said the small business survival program – supported by $55 million in this measure alone — could provide a lifeline for many job providers and families on the brink of economic collapse.

Vaccine distribution and support for health care workers. The measure includes more than $50 million to support vaccine distribution efforts, and $22.5 million to boost virus testing efforts – with a special focus on nursing homes.

Senate Bill 748 is headed to Gov. Whitmer for her consideration.

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