Jackson couple married 47 years, died of COVID seconds apart

A Michigan couple who was married for nearly 50 years died seconds apart from the coronavirus.

The couple died Nov. 24 in Henry Ford Allegiance Hospital in Jackson. Leslie and Patricia McWaters spent a week at the hospital after getting sick with COVID-19.

“The time on both of their death certificates is 4:23 p.m., because (the difference) was too close to call,” said their daughter Joanna Sisk. “It’s like they met right after they died and went up to heaven together.”

Sisk said her mother visited a doctor two weeks ago after “feeling poorly.” The doctor sent her home and told her to “take care of herself and stay in place.”

“When she went back home, my dad ended up getting it,” she said.

The couple got progressively sicker and on Nov. 17 took an ambulance to the hospital.

The couple was cremated, and a future service is being planned.  (AP)

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