Man sentenced in murder case

A Three Rivers man was recently sentenced to prison for second-degree murder.

Randall Miller, 34, was sentenced to 20 to 60 years for his involvement in the death of Lori Norman, 32. She was murdered in March 2019 at their 5th Street home.

Circuit Court Judge Paul Stutesman accepted a plea Nov. 10 following a conference with defense attorneys John Bush and T.J. Reed.

Prosecutor John McDonough agreed to recommend a minimum 20 years and dismissed a second felony case with three counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct. The incidents involved a trio of victims under 13 years of age.

Miller confessed he and Norman had argued the night she was murdered. Miller said he pushed her away by her throat, causing her to stop breathing by strangulation.

Miller admitted he had been drinking prior to the confrontation.

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