County commission agrees to funding help for vaccine distribution if needed

A Centreville-based health and wellness facility is prepared to assist with COVID-19 immunizations if circumstances warrant.

Officials from Covered Bridge Health advised St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners they are willing to step in if the Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health Agency becomes too overwhelmed with the process.

During their meeting Tuesday, county commissioners agreed to provide $10,000 in funding and accept the offer from Covered Bridge Director Rick Shaffer.

Board chairman Dennis Allen said the funding and Covered Bridge’s assistance are contingent on need, and may end up being not necessary if the tri-county health agency is able to effectively staff upcoming immunization clinics in St. Joseph County.

Tri-county health officer Rebecca Burns said 300 new doses of vaccine were delivered to St. Joseph County this week. All 300 were accounted for within five minutes, she noted.

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