Out and About – Week of January 11th

With all the worry and anxiety we experienced in 2020, I think it would be a good idea if we all tried to relax a little more, starting right now. With a vaccine out now, the worry about getting the virus should be cut back a little. I think we should all continue to practice social distancing and take other precautions, but we should also try to relax more than we have lately.

Not everyone relaxes in the same way. What works for some might now work as well for others. Here are some ideas on how to relax and extend your life a little more:

Look for more reasons to laugh. Laughter relaxes your muscles and brings more oxygen into your bloodstream. Contact a friend you feel safe around and has a great sense of humor.
Shut down for five minutes. Lie down in a dark and quiet room, then inhale deepley and exhale slowly, relaxing your body as you think pleasant thoughts.
Do a good physical workout. It can produce profound relaxation in both mind and body. This will be easier to do once Health Trac opens up again and you can get back to a regular routine of physical exercises.
Visit the library and checkout several good books. Set aside a special time everyday and read. Reading usually makes me fall asleep.
I must apologize for not writing more about getting Out and About and attending special events going on throughout the community. With certain restrictions still in effect, there are still many things we aren’t able to do without feeling in danger. If we all work together, hopefully more and more restrictions will be lifted. It would be nice if we’re able to have a Water Festival this year. Do you remember the last time you attended a chili cook-off, attended a classic car show, or taken the family out for a pancake breakfast?

There was an episode of the Andy Griffith show where Andy thought it would be a good investment to open a laundromat. He soon found out that operating one involved more than just going in and emptying the coin boxes on the washers and dryers. There is always something to repair and maintain.

There was a time here in Three Rivers when there were two laundromats. We now have just one, which means there is no competition. If a laundromat owner has no competition, he/she can be a little lax in the operation of the facility. There is no need to keep up with anyone.

The current laundromat is in a convenient location, the hours of operation are great, the place is kept reasonably clean, and the majority of the machines are usually in working order. In talking with some of the customers, the facility needs someone to be there to handle the small problems, which are big to the customers. This person would be available to make sure the change machines were working and the out of service washers and dryers were properly marked to reflect the problem. This person would also clean up after those patrons who don’t care about cleaning up after themselves.

Three Rivers doesn’t need another coffee shop, tattoo parlor, beauty shop, pizza parlor, or family restaurant. It probably doesn’t even need another laundromat. It just needs someone interested in providing a service that patrons need and deserve.

“It’s not dated, but look out. It’s imitated.” BURMA SHAVE

See you Out and About at the laundromat.

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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