Out and About – Week of February 22nd

The recent snowfall we received last week, reminded me of how much we neglect our vehicles during inclement weather. I saw quite a few cars that had not been properly cleared of the white stuff. These cars evidently were not kept in a garage. Not everyone has the luxury of having a garage in which to keep their vehicles out of the weather. As a result, the car needs to be properly cleared of snow prior to starting out in the morning. All windows should be cleared along with the headlights and taillights. Don’t forget those outside mirrors and the license plate. It’s been said that if the same precautions were taken in preparing your car for driving that are taken by aircraft pilots, you would not see many cars on the road. Here are a couple of other things to remember when it comes to driving in less than ideal weather:

If your windshield wipers are on, your headlights should also be on.
Your headlights should be on whenever you’re driving during snowy weather.
If roads are icy or snow-covered, slow down and allow extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you.
When braking on an ice-covered road, pump your brakes rather than pushing hard on them.
Drive as if your grandchild was with you.
The American Legion, VFW, Marine Corps League, and the Forty and Eight are all looking for new members. If you are a veteran of the Armed Forces, these organizations need you. Their main purpose is to provide assistance to any veteran in need. Membership fees are minimal and the reward you receive from belonging to any one of them is priceless. If you would like information on joining, please drop me a note at P.O. Box 103, Three Rivers, MI 49093.

Last Valentines Day many lucky ladies should have received either a bouquet of flowers or a box of candy, preferably chocolate. The chocolates probably came in a heart-shaped box and the flowers were more than likely roses. Roses are probably the favorite flower to give, which made me curious about why should such a lovely flower have thorns?

Roses, technically speaking, have prickles, not thorns. Thorns are botanically considered to be modified branches, like those found on the hawthorn. Prickles are actually outgrowths of the outer skin or the stem. Prickles easily break off from the stem; thorns are hard to break off because they are part of the woody tissue of the plant.

Both thorns and prickles serve to protect the plant from being eaten. Most plant eaters would rather do without a mouthful of cuts, so they look for an easier meal elsewhere.

Hice-Shutes American Legion Post #170 is up and running. Like many other civic organizations, they have been dark for the better part of a year. The Legion would like everyone to know that they are planning their first Chili Cook Off of the year. The date is Saturday, March 6 and is open to the public. If you’re interested in entering the cook off, the entry fee is $5 and all entries must be in by 2:30 PM. If you just want to eat some chili, all-you-can-eat dining runs from 3 – 6 PM for $7.

I’ll close the column this week with a few words of wisdom. God knows some of us can really use more than just a few of these:

Youth’s biggest mistake is its lack of originality.
One who cannot tolerate small ills can never accomplish great things.
“Shaving brushes, such a bother. Burma Shave looks good to Father.” BURMA SHAVE

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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