Weight limits imposed on St. Joseph County Michigan Roads

The St. Joseph County Road Commission in Centreville, Michigan announced that seasonal weight restrictions will be reinstated on various roads in St. Joseph County Michigan beginning March 1, at 6:00 a.m.

According to John Lindsey, Managing Director of St. Joseph County Road Commission, “weight restrictions are enforced to minimize the damage caused during Michigan’s seasonal thaw. As the ground thaws in the spring, water is forced toward the surface and exerts pressure on roads, causing them to buckle and become more prone to damage.”

“The heavier the vehicle, the greater possible damage to roads,” Lindsey said. “During the weight restricts period, trucks traveling on “posted” roads must carry lighter loads and travel at slower speeds.”

Permits may be obtained by visiting the OxCartpermits.com website and filling out an application and paying with a credit card. For more details visit the website www.stjoeroads.com.

For a statewide list of roads affected and the current weigh limit, visit the County Road Association of Michigan’s website at https://micountyroads.org/business/seasonal-weight-restrictons/.

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