Out and About – Week of March 1st

“If you’re too busy to laugh, you’re too busy.” – Proverb

Please mark your calendars for next Monday, March 8. This is International Women’s Day. This is the one day we men should be extra nice to all the women we know. For most of us, this will not be difficult, because most of us are as nice as we can be every day of the year. Of course for some men this will be difficult. My advice to the latter, find a cave somewhere and hide out for the day.

At one time or another, we have all had to deal with a landlord. Most of the time the landlord can be as nice as can be, along as the rent is paid on-time and we as renters respect the property and our fellow renters. Every so often you might have to deal with a landlord who is not as nice and is difficult to deal with. Such is the case of Paula Franer, who in September 1978 signed a six-month lease on an apartment owned by Eddie Larrick of East Dayton, Ohio. During her stay, Paula was killed in a car/train collision. When Paula’s mother went to retrieve her dead daughter’s $120.00 security deposit, the landlord refused to refund the money, claiming that Paula had broken the lease when she died. I’m pretty sure an attorney was contacted.

During my lifetime, I’ve attended many training sessions on public speaking. I’ve also had the opportunity to chair a few committees and be in charge of running a meeting. The one thing a speaker should do is keep his oration short and sweet. I’ve listened to a few speakers who I felt could go on and on, because their topic was extremely interesting. It’s been said that a good preacher should do their best to keep their sermon to a maximum of twenty minutes. Reverend Tony Leyva has the reputation of bending this advice to the extreme. It seems that this clergyman unleashed a seventy-two-hour sermon on his flock in West Palm Beach in 1977. He finally stopped so as not to bore them.

Maya Angelou was known as a very good orator. When she gave an address at North Carolina State University in 1990, she said, “I know that I am pretty popular as a commencement speaker largely because I’m brief.”

Salvador Dali probably has the record of giving one of the shortest speeches ever. He said, “I will be so brief I have already finished.” He then sat down.

Here are some words of advice that I’d like to share:

Don’t pick up after your children. That’s their job.
Never interrupt when you’re being flattered.
Don’t trust a woman who doesn’t close her eyes when you kiss her.
Never tell a man he’s losing his hair. He already knows.
Remember that the “suggested retail price” seldom is.
We recently had the opportunity to do business with TR Health here in Three Rivers. It involved a visit to the emergency room and an overnight stay. The service that was provided was nothing short of excellent. The emergency room staff was attentive and very caring. The physician on duty did an excellent job of explaining what was being done and the nurses couldn’t have done a better job in making us feel comfortable. During the overnight stay, the staff was also attentive and very caring. Whenever I see postings on the internet of someone talking down TR Health, I wonder to myself what kind of a patient that person was during their stay. Were they a pleasant person to deal with? Did they treat the staff with as much respect as they demanded to be treated with? To be a good patient, sometimes it requires a little patience.

“Be no longer lather’s slave. Treat yourself to Burma Shave.” BURMA SHAVE

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Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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