Out and About – Week of March 22nd

We recently had the opportunity to get Out and About to South Haven. We’ve been there before, but it was during the summer season and was much busier. This time, we traveled west to the city on the lake on a Wednesday. We couldn’t have had nicer weather, although it was a bit windy.

After a very nice lunch at Clementine’s, we took a stroll along the several blocks that make up the downtown district. There were several shops closed both because of the Covid virus and also because the real tourist season doesn’t start for another month or so. We did visit a bakery, so our craving for tasty sweets is now under control.

South Haven has a downtown district that could be the envy of many mid-size towns. We noticed that there weren’t that many abandoned stores and the area has been kept in top shape when it comes to being tidy. The merchants had rules when it comes to wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing. They had hand sanitizer at the store’s entrance. One store had you ring the doorbell. An employee would then come and let you in, if there was still room.

There are many points of interest along Lake Michigan. During the summer season, these areas can be extremely busy with visitors. If you’d rather avoid the crowds, now is the perfect time to get Out and About. The cities and the beaches are there and they are just as scenic and friendly now as they are in July and August. Take the family out during the week and experience “Pure Michigan”.

It seems that most of us are going to receive another check from the Government. The check should be in the amount of $1400.00. Like before, I’ll believe it as soon as I see it in my bank account. The last check was well received and appreciated. I have plans as to what I’m going to do with this next check. I’ll pay off a bill or two, then put some into my savings. If any of you are not sure what you’ll do with your check, you may send it to me and I’ll handle it for you.

We are all familiar with the posters that came out during World War II that pictured a man with a long white beard, red-and-white striped pants, and a blue jacket. He was pointing his finger at you and saying, “I want you!”. There actually was an Uncle Sam, but he looked nothing like the poster, although he did wear a top hat and he did come to be a symbol of the U.S. Government. It seems there was a man named Sam Wilson who supplied the U.S. Troops stationed around Troy, New York, with meat during the War of 1812. The meat shipped to the soldiers was stamped “U.S.” for the United States. One day, when a federal inspector was checking the meat at Wilson’s store, he was told by a witty employee that the “U.S.” stood for Uncle Sam, Wilson’s nickname. It was not long before all federal supplies were said to belong to “Uncle Sam”. An 1830 newspaper article quotes eyewitnesses who swear it’s true. In the early 1960s, Congress made it official, proclaiming Sam Wilson as the original Uncle Sam.

To my Jewish friends, Passover begins next Saturday, March 27, at sundown. We will be traveling to Ann Arbor for a Sader Service with members of my family.

“Your shaving brush has had its day, so why not shave the modern way with Burma Shave.”

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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