White Pigeon – Fund raiser is planned

A White Pigeon community activist plans to lead a door-to-door campaign to raise money toward fixing a Depot Park play structure.

Lifelong village resident Shireen Cline said she decided to take action after noticing a slide component of a structure at the south end of Depot Park has been missing for two years.

She said the corrugated plastic slide, which extended from an elevated platform, was vandalized two years ago and eventually removed as a result of the damage caused by the malicious act.

Cline said the attachment costs about $5,500 but she hopes to raise $6,000 to cover installation and any other unforeseen costs. The equipment is made by a Pennsylvania-based company called Playworld.

She intends to begin her door-to-door solicitation this weekend. Cline said she hopes to order the slide in May and would like to see it installed by June.

Anyone interested in contributing money or labor toward the effort should call 269-625-1638.

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