Centreville predicts increase in enrollment

Centreville Public Schools Superintendent Stephanie Lemmer provided an enrollment update during this week’s board of education meeting.

Based on preliminary numbers for the 2021-22 academic year, Lemmer said she was pleasantly surprised and excited.

Projections call for about 840 students, an increase in enrollment that prompted Lemmer to say classroom sizes are still manageable. Average classroom size, she said, is about 24 students per room.

She said the district has three sections at each grade level, K-12.

Incoming kindergarten and one section of Young 5s collectively feature 93 students, Lemmer said. In addition, she noted an increase in number of seniors this year, from what was projected to be 64 and is now at 75.

More than half of Centreville’s 840-student population is school of choice, making it the fourth-largest of St. Joseph County’s eight K-12 school districts.

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