County seeks guidance on American Rescue Plan spending

St. Joseph County officials have agreed to tap into the expertise of a consulting firm for assistance with how to spend nearly $12 million.

Commissioners on Tuesday approved a request from county administrator Teresa Doehring to seek help with the county’s handling of federal money it will receive through the American Rescue Plan.

Lansing-based Public Sector Consultants was recommended by members of a steering committee that formed earlier this year after the county was told the amount of its federal allocation.

Doehring said Public Sector Consultants will help with determining whether potential uses of the $12 million fall within the parameters detailed as stipulations imposed by the American Rescue Plan for use of its funds.

She reiterated the value of having a neutral, third-party available for guidance with such a large amount of money at stake.

Commissioner Dan Czajkowski said the county has already received about half of its allocation. He noted specific guidelines from the federal government have still not been spelled out, aside from some general ideas.

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