Constantine Road project complete

St. Joseph County Road Commission Managing Director John Lindsey made a jubilant declaration before the county’s board of commissioners Tuesday.

Lindsey said after nearly a decade of effort, Constantine Road has been fully rebuilt from White Pigeon north into Lockport Township.

Lindsey called the accomplishment “a big deal.”

Commissioners agreed and suggested a ceremonial ribbon-cutting be scheduled to commemorate the long-awaited improvement.

The road had not been improved in more than 40 years before the first phase of the reconstruction started in the summer of 2017. That two-mile stretch from White Pigeon village limits north to just beyond Stears Road was the start of a commitment to repave the route all the way into Lockport Township.

Commissioner Dan Czajkowski said the task took a long time to complete but noted the effort took a cooperative approach between county, township and road commission officials.

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