Have you gotten your flu shot?

A recent outbreak of 525 cases of influenza among students at University of Michigan has prompted the Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health Agency to issue a media release centering on the importance of a flu shot.

Statewide surveillance shows flu-vaccination numbers are lower than last year’s, which puts the community at higher risk for transmission, agency officials said.

The agency understands everyone is fatigued with messaging about COVID, but it must continue to protect residents from influenza as well, said Kali Nichols, director of personal health and disease prevention.

She said flu shots are available at local pharmacies, physician offices and the tri-county health department.

Shots can be scheduled by phoning the St. Joseph County office in Three Rivers, at 273-2161, ext. 208, and the Branch County location in Coldwater, at 517-279-9651.

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