Out and About – Week of November 15th

Like many others my age, I find myself find it difficult to remember certain things. For instance, remembering what I had for lunch two days ago takes some serious thinking, trying to recall someone’s name happens more frequently. I try my best to do things to keep my mind sharp, like working crossword puzzles, or playing games that require paying close attention. It’s comforting to know that I’m not alone in this predicament. If you are experiencing this same dilemma, here are some suggestions on how to handle this problem:

If you use a kitchen calendar to keep track of special events, you might want to color-code the entries. For example, blue for birthdays and red for anniversaries.
In case you don’t have a photographic memory, you might want to try this simple exercise. Write two columns of ten words each. Stare at this list for five or ten seconds, then write down as many words as you can recall on a blank sheet of paper. Try doing this once or twice a week using different words.
Develop a brain regimen. Aerobic exercise sustains blood flow to the brain, maintaining a wide range of cognitive functions, including memory. To stimulate your mind, try riding a bike, take a walk with the dog, or do some form of exercise on a regular basis. Doing these things daily, would be a good start.
Just about everyone has at least one pin number. To remember your pin, choose one from your childhood, such as an old address or phone number. Do not keep these numbers in your wallet.
Your computer is filled with many games you can play by yourself. Games like solitaire or free-cell can keep your mind sharp.
I’ve been driving for over sixty years and still enjoy getting behind the wheel. However, there are more cars on the road these days, so it’s very important that we all pay more attention to our driving. Driving at night is getting harder for me because of the bright lights that cars are equipped with these days. It’s like driving head-on with a landing aircraft with those bright landing lights. General Motors has now developed a vehicle that can be driven hands-free. This, to me, is about the stupidest thing they could have come up with. A car is a machine and like all machines are subject to failure. Oh wait, airplanes have auto-pilot, so why shouldn’t cars? If cars and trucks were maintained and inspected as much as an airplane, there would be very few cars and trucks on the road. Of course, if cars had hands-free driving, we could spend more time texting.

With “Black Friday” just around the corner, I’m sure there are some merchants who are raising the prices of their merchandise by at least a few pennies every day or two. This way on “Black Friday”, they can lower prices back to what they were originally and call it “A Huge Holiday Sale”. Buyer be ware.

We are well into the flu season by now. If you haven’t received a shot for influenza, it’s probably not too late. I received mine a few weeks ago. I’m a believer in getting vaccinated. I could very likely get the flu, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be spending extra time gazing into the porcelain throne. In the meantime, I’ll continue to wash my hands frequently, wear a mask and avoid kissing strangers.

“The happy golfer finds with glee, the shave that suits him to a tee.” – BURMA SHAVE

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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