Daily COVID-19 cases explode to new highs in Michigan

Michigan on Wednesday recorded all-time high COVID-19 case counts, reporting nearly 13,000 a day — almost a third more than the peak set more than a year ago.

The two-day average was 12,929, some 3,100 infections above the nearly 9,800 from a single day in November 2020. The explosive growth came as the state already grapples with a fourth, months-long surge in which coronavirus hospitalizations, while lower from recent record peaks, remain high. The death toll continues to mount, averaging over 100 per day, like a year ago when vaccines were first being made available.

New cases of COVID-19 also have soared nationally, to their highest level on record, at 265,000 a day amid the arrival of the highly contagious omicron variant.  (AP)

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